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Tabbert modellserie

Tradisjon, høy standard og kvalitet som høyeste prioritet i utvikling og produksjon av campingvogner – alt dette kjennetegner Tabbert.

Med over 50 års erfaring setter Tabbert de høyeste krav til materialer, former og produktkvalitet. Et erfarent ekspertteam av utviklere og designere sørger for at løsningene er vel gjennomtenkte, modne, funksjonelle og smakfulle. Tabbert campingvogner er som kundene – sofistikerte, sjarmerende, elegante og med nærhet til naturen.


Tabbert Rossini

A perfect sensation: It is finally here, a timeless classic among travel caravans with a top quality interior ¨C the perfect travel companion for any taste! This youngest member of the TABBERT family appeals specifically to quality©conscious newcomers to caravaning, while its sensationally professional standard equipment and the confident interior design place it securely in a league of its own. Its optimized layout and ultra©safe travel comfort are additional quality features. Love at first sight ¨C ROSSINI.

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Tabbert Cellini

A sense of spaciousness, travel trends, the power of innovation, and an acute sense for individuality – our exclusive CELLINI embodies all that which the premium claim of the brand TABBERT stands for today. The extraordinary exterior with its unmistakable automotive form and design language sets precedents, just like the extraordinary feeling of spaciousness in its interior. Generosity, elegance, and quality down to the smallest detail shape the luxury of this top tier caravan, underlining its timeless character and value.

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Tabbert Puccini

This super versatile TABBERT caravan will be a particular favorite for the more discerning caravaning enthusiast! Its brand new exterior – from the lettering to the shunting bar right down to the rear light molding – is an absolute masterpiece of design. Its exterior is a perfect match for the confident and assertive interior spaces with their cozy ambiance and clear design statements. Everything about the PUCCINI is open, harmonious, and clearly says „quality“. The top modern interior perfectly accents each of the various layouts.

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Tabbert Vivaldi

Young, fresh, uncomplicated ¨C with TABBERT quality down to the smallest detail ¨C that is the VIVALDI. The caravan¡¯s excellently heat and sound insulated outer shell contains an elegant center, where timeless design meets top quality materials. Just like all TABBERT recreational vehicles, VIVALDI comes with the robust, 58 mm back©ventilated TABBERT comfort roof. The bespoke GRP construction offers optimized hailstone protection. The rear light with integrated tail and brake light and an eye©catching LED light strip enhances road safety.

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Tabbert Da Vinci

This very popular TABBERT model series is a prime example for the perfect combination of familyfriendliness and outstanding aesthetics ¨C proving once and for all that practicality and beauty do not have to be mutually exclusive. To the contrary! The exceptional DA VINCI©L kitchenette clearly demonstrates, how creative, unconventional, and fresh interior design can be. Individuality needs breathing room ¨C and the DA VINCI has it in spades: in all of its nine layout versions.

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